Friday, September 22, 2023

Immuta raised $90M in Series D led by Greenspring Associates

Founded in the year 2015, Immuta data landscape focuses on big data management. The company recently received $90 million in Series D funding. The fresh investment comes less than a year after Immuta’s Series C investment. immuta series 169mwiggersventurebeat. The total capital raise to date for the company has been $169 million. The new investor participants included Greenspring Associates, NGP Capital, March Capital, and Wipro Ventures.

The company provides data access control over all of an organization’s data. Immuta even enables data users to access data faster than ever. Additionally, the data can be shared with more people, while easily complying with regulations like COPPA, HIPAA, and GDPR at scale. This robust functioning ultimately translates to improved decision-making and provides a substantial competitive edge to the organizations.

Immuta boasts of having the best data access control technology. The technology works on any cloud and with any data platform, at scale. The company is working towards making its platform efficient enough to address the needs of DataOps. It aims at becoming an essential component of the modern data stack.

Intending to constantly improve the product and expand its partnerships, Immuta has released two new native integrations, with Amazon Redshift and Azure Synapse.

Immuta now offers native integrations with almost all the top cloud providers, including Databricks, Google BigQuery, Starburst and Snowflake. With an ability to centralize data access control across, these technologies through Immuta can enable data teams to reduce complexity, cost, time, and risk. At the same time, it will increase performance and data-driven results.

According to the company, the new funds will allow it to run on any cloud, including SaaS and Managed Service. It even plans on investing in research and development to ensure a simple, fast, and seamless governance experience for any data engineer at any company of any size.

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