Hot TikTok Trends 2024 You Need to Know for 2024

Hot TikTok Trends: All You Need to Grow in 2024

TikTok continues to shape culture and drive platform innovations, from viral sounds and challenges to innovative features. As trends come and go at lightning speed, staying on top of what’s buzzing on TikTok right now can be tricky – that can make you famous in this year!

I’ve compiled comprehensive, yet hot TikTok Trends for you to grow at high pace. Some of the hot TikTok trends for 2024 are: #silentreview trend, #BookTok trend, #MWAHBlocked trend, and Blackout challenge on TikTok. You can use these trends and tips to create viral content.

Read on to know in detail about what is trending on TikTok, actionable tips, and actual creator examples to help you make viral content in this year!

Audio Trends Taking Over Feeds

The sounds and songs on TikTok now hint at the trends dominating 2024. Already, these futuristic-looking audio trends are making waves across the platform.

List of Hot TikTok Trends in 2024

The “Silent Review” Trend Puts Actions Above Words

Over 9 million videos and counting have jumped in on the #silentreview trend. It has creators passionately evaluating products, places, or even emotions through dramatic facial expressions and emphatic gestures—all without saying a single word.

#sitentreview Trend

The simplified format works across niches, with book reviewers rating novels as quickly as bakers tasting fresh cookies. To nail this trend:

  • Film in a quiet setting without background noise so your silence stands out
  • Ham up reactions like a silent movie actor so viewers get the point loud and clear
  • Optimize captions with phrases like “silent review” so your content surfaces for those searching the trend
Hot TikTok Trends

Newest TikTok Trends

TikTok creators latch onto sounds with popular media potential, remixing short clips into dramatic interpretive trends. For 2024, keep an ear out for these viral trending sounds:

  • #MWAHBlocked plays off satisfaction from virtually blocking “haters.”
  • “Uber driver” audio sets up funny “misunderstanding” skits
  • #2Chopper200Shots transforms before-and-after reveals with a beat “drop.”
  • Here are some current trending TikTok hashtags:
  • TikTokMadeMeBuyIt – Videos showing products that people bought after seeing them go viral on TikTok. A popular hashtag for reviews.
  • BookTok – Videos related to book recommendations and viral book trends on TikTok. An incredibly popular community.
  • TikTokDinner – Videos of quick and easy dinner recipes made popular on TikTok. Often simple one-pan or ingredient meals.
  • TikTokSongs – Using the latest viral songs and sounds from TikTok in new videos. A way to leverage popular audios.
  • TikTokPets – Cute and funny pet videos with TikTok effects and sounds applied. A constantly trending hashtag.
  • TikTokComedy – Funny comedy sketches and standup routines acted out or performed on TikTok. this can be used for great entertainment content.
  • FoodieTikTok – Satisfying recipe videos from desserts to healthy meals that go viral on the TikTok. This is for engaging food content.

Blackout challenge on TikTok

The dangerous blackout challenge on TikTok dares users to choke themselves until passing out. The viral challenge exploded in popularity on TikTok, urging participants to restrict oxygen to their brains. Despite warnings from parents and health organizations about the life-threatening risks, videos still surface due to the app’s strong influence over youth culture.

Innovative Features Expanding Creative Possibilities

As TikTok experiments with new formats, in-app features will shape what we create and consume. Expect 2024 trends for TikTok viral:

AI Tools For Anime Makeovers & Personalized Playlists

TikTok’s AI is stepping up, using machine learning to filter videos into a #manga multiverse and generate bespoke music. More than 198 million videos have been played with anime alter-egos thanks to AI “Cartoon” filters, while the app’s SoundOn platform serves listeners freshly created tunes based on their mood.

Ephemeral Content Creating FOMO

Riding the waves of trend turnover, TikTok now sprinkles in features that intentionally expire content to create urgency.

TikTok Now prompts users to capture daily reaction selfies à la BeReal while TikTok Stories gives creators Snapchat-esque ephemeral slideshows.

Brands that find imaginative ways to test new formats will earn audience attention for being early adopters.

Resonating Through Shared Values & Interests

More than chasing trends, the app is doubling down on subcultures bonding over niche passions. Whether you’re obsessed with books on #BookTok or clean hacks on #CleanTok, TikTok is where communities let their weird flags fly.

Barnes & Noble Leans Into #BookTok Identity

The bookseller has discovered enormous traction on TikTok by showcasing local storefronts, bookseller picks, and clever literary takes through niche #BookTok content.

Barnes & Noble stores nationwide have set up TikTok accounts to connect regional fans to store events and showcase employee personalities. This sense of community, even for a large corporation, hits the right notes on an app where authenticity trumps all.

Camera Angles & Text: Creative Touches Winning Views

While viral sounds and hashtags have their moment, creative stylistic flourishes help set videos apart in the fast-moving For You feeds. Bright ideas gaining traction include:

Text Overlays

Caption bars used artfully over videos lend helpful context for #silentreview videos or just add an extra punchline. Top creators implement text to enhance meaning, guide audience understanding, or augment any trending format.

Inventive Camera Angles

Creators stand out by capturing the familiar from new perspectives: flipping cameras to birds-eye-views, adding interest via over-the-shoulder shots, incorporating drone footage, and finding unexpected viewpoints to showcase trends from an original angle.

Trying creative compositions—whether through camera placement or captions—can drastically boost viewer connectivity and shares.

Brands Riding the Culture Wave

Contrary to what overzealous marketing teams think, blatant advertising generally flops on TikTok. Rather than stick out ads intrusively, many brands blend into cultural conversations on the platform.

Authentic User-Generated Content

56% of TikTok users say they prefer everyday people to influencers in brand content. So, the Brands take note!

UGC shows not just what but also who your product or service impacts, ringing true. e.l.f cosmetics activated thousands of users to jive to an original branded song for the #eyeslipsface challenge.

Optimizing With TikTok Ad Formats

When brands advertise directly, native formats like Brand Takeovers and TopView help content feel part of the app landscape. These ads invite users to opt in rather than get surprise-interrupted, while branded #HashtagChallenges seamlessly ride viral waves.

Moreover, many digital creators speak TikTok’s visual language, riffing on trends community-style. Although I can’t predict everything that TikTok may bring in 2024, but spotting these rising trend patterns surely helps to create content primed for engagement.


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