How to Cash out TikTok Coins

How to Cash Out TikTok Coins? Step By Step Guide

TikTok coins are a virtual currency used within the popular social media app to show appreciation and support for content creators. Many people face problem to cash out their coins from TikTok. Therefore, I have explained how to cash out TikTok Coins with in 5 minutes with easy to follow steps.

Users can purchase TikTok coins with real money, and then use them to send virtual “gifts” to their favorite streamers and video makers. These coins TikTok then get converted to “diamonds” that the creators can redeem for actual cash.

Definition and Purpose of TikTok Coins

  • In-app virtual currency bought with real money
  • Used to send virtual gifts to creators to show support
  • Converted to diamonds when gifted, which creators can redeem for cash

How to Earn TikTok Coins

  • Purchase coins directly in the TikTok app
  • Receive coin gifts from fans while live-streaming
  • Accumulate coins from uploads as your content performs well

TikTok Coin Conversion Rates

  • 1 TikTok coin = 2 TikTok diamonds
  • Rates can fluctuate but generally:
  • 1 coin = $0.01 USD
  • 1 diamond = $0.005 USD

Buying those coins to show extra support and potentially earn rewards is easy and fun! But what happens when you’re the one racking up diamonds and want to cash out TikTok gifts? Let us know how to cash out TikTok coins and convert them to TikTok money claim.

Rules and Requirements for Cashing Out TikTok Coins

Cashing out the TikTok diamonds you’ve earned into cold hard cash takes just a few simple steps. However, there are some key rules and requirements to know before you convert TikTok coins to money:

Minimum Thresholds

  • Must have earned a minimum number of diamonds to qualify for payout
  • The threshold depends on the region but generally $100 USD minimum
  • Can only cash out max $1000 USD per day

Payment Methods

  • Must connect a valid PayPal account or bank account
  • The name must fully match the TikTok account holder’s name

Identity Verification

  • TikTok will require identity verification for payout
  • Must provide government ID and documentation

TikTok terms of service

  • Must agree to all TikTok terms before withdrawing funds
  • Includes various permissions, privacy policies, community rules, etc.

Review all guidelines carefully so you don’t hit any snags cashing out your hard-earned TikTok coin stash!

How to Cash Out TikTok Coins – Steps to Follow

Ready to withdraw those diamonds and convert your TikTok coins into cold hard cash? Here is the full process broken down step-by-step:

How to cash out TikTok Coins

Link Payment Method

First, you need to connect a payment account so TikTok can deposit your cash:

  • Open TikTok app » Profile » Settings
  • Select “Link Payment Method” under the Balance tab
  • Choose PayPal or a bank account and enter the info
  • Double the name match the TikTok account name

Meet Minimum Threshold

Before you can withdraw, make sure you’ve earned enough diamonds:

  • Check diamond balance under Profile » Balance
  • Must have over $100 USD equivalent in diamonds
  • Keep earning diamonds until you meet the threshold

TikTok coins converter

Time to get that money!

  • Go to Profile » Balance » Withdrawal » Request
  • Enter the amount to cash out (max $1000/day)
  • Double check payment info
  • Confirm request

Wait for Processing

Last step – kick back and wait for that cash to hit your account!

  • Takes up to 15 days for to process requests for TikTok coin balance
  • May take a few extra days to show up in your bank/PayPal
  • Check your account periodically and celebrate when it arrives!

Patience pays off…literally!

TikTok Coin and Diamond Differences

We’ve covered TikTok coins, but what about these “diamonds”? Here’s the key distinction:

Defining Coins and Diamonds

  • TikTok coins = Purchased virtual currency
  • TikTok diamonds = What creators earn from receiving gifts

You buy coins; creators accumulate diamonds!

TikTok gift points to money calculator

  • 1 TikTok coin = 2 TikTok diamonds
  • Coins to diamonds conversion happen automatically when gifting
  • Diamonds have lower monetary value than coins

So coins convert to diamonds at a 2:1 ratio when sending gifts to creators. Good to know!

How much is 1 million TikTok coins worth?

Since TikTok coins is a virtual currency, the price conversion varies. Roughly, 1 million TikTok coins are more than $10000.

Checking Your TikTok Coin and Diamond Balance

Wondering how big your stash is looking? Check your coin and diamond balances easily right in the app:

  • Open profile » top right corner menu » Balance
  • View # of coins and diamonds here
  • Convert diamond count to estimated cash value

Keep tabs on your Running totals to know when you have enough diamonds to cash out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have some burning questions about converting those TikTok coins and cashing out your diamonds? Here are answers to some FAQs:

Cash Out Timelines

  • How long does TikTok take to pay you? Can take up to 15 days for TikTok review, plus more for bank transfer delays.
  • When do you get paid from TikTok? After the full review period, cash out hits your connected PayPal or bank account.

Transaction Fees

  • Does TikTok take any fees? No, but PayPal may charge minor transaction fees to transfer funds.

Earning Potential

  • How much can you make on TikTok? Top creators can make tens of thousands from fans gifting their videos and lives!

Have more questions? Contact TikTok support for assistance with coins, gifts, balances, and anything else related to cashing out your hard-earned TikTok rewards!

And that’s a wrap! You now know everything there is to know about converting those TikTok coins to cold hard cash.


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