Famous Tiktokers That Died Last Year - in 2022-2023

Famous TikToker that Died Last Year in 2023

Over the last few years, TikTok short videos, viral trends, and talented creators have captured millions’ hearts – and eyes – globally. However, the incredible rise of TikTok has had its dark sides. The pressures of fame and trying to gain views have taken a devastating toll on some young stars.

The last year has also costed life of some TikTok stars. Here I am going to present the list of famous Tiktoker that died last year with the death causes.

The Mesmerizing – and Merciless – Draw of TikTok Fame

TikTok stars wield immense influence over followers. Fans feel connected to creators through their song choices, inside jokes, vulnerable moments, and responses to comments. They become invested in their lives. This parasocial relationship drives emotional investment and loyalty.

However, this fame comes at a cost. Trying continuously to create new trends and viral content leads to immense stress. Negativity in comments can profoundly impact mental health. The pressure to present perfect lives often hides inner turmoil.

List Of Famous Tiktoker That Died Last Year

While TikTok fame seems glamorous, it has had tragic consequences for some young stars. Influencer deaths arises a big psychological concerns on TikTok. Look at the list of famous Tiktokers that died last year.

Freak Accidents Claim TikTok deaths

Stunts and daring content may help rake in the views but can also turn fatal. Some young TikTokers have heartbreakingly lost their lives while filming dangerous videos.

Timbo the Redneck Flung from Truck During Stunt

18-year-old Timothy “Timbo” Hall died doing vehicular stunts for his videos. He performed high-speed donuts when flung from his truck’s window. The vehicle then crashed down directly on him. Timbo passed away immediately.

Famous TikToker that Died-Timbo

His mother later posted a video to his TikTok announcing his death to over 200k grieving followers.

Fall from Crane Kills Creator Xiao Qiumei

23-year-old Xiao Qiumei fell 160 feet to her death while filming a crane cabin video for her 100k followers. The popular Chinese TikToker spoke to the camera when equipment suddenly blocked the frame. Eyewitnesses report her phone was still in her hand when she perished.

Xiao Qiumei Chinese TikToker died

Freak Tree Accident Takes LGBTQ Advocate’s Life

When a pine tree fell onto her car, activist Rochelle “Roe” Hager, 31, died immediately. She was on the phone with her fiancée at the time of the bizarre accident. Her partner heard the crash and chilling silence that followed. The devastating freak incident claimed a vibrant voice for equality.

LGBTQ tiktok star dies

Tragically, even a minor car accident ended the life of a young creator…

Which TikTok star died recently?

Here is the list of famous TikTok stars that died recently:

DJ Tunzaphun Passes Away at 22

22-year-old Neil Almeida, known by his online persona DJ Tunzaphun, suddenly died of an apparent heart attack. The popular creator had initially gained fame through weight loss updates after weighing over 700 lbs.

DJ Tunzaphun TikTok creator

His staggering 1.6 million likes and over 100k followers mourned the shocking loss of the young influencer.

“Brazilian Hulk” Dies on 55th Birthday

After complaining of shortness of breath, bodybuilder Vadir Segato was rushed to a hospital where the TikToker died. Though the cause is unknown, years of using dangerous oils to inflate his muscles likely contributed to his death. The TikTok celebrity’s unique appearance attracted millions of views.

Brazilian Hulk

17-Year-Old Ethan Peters Succumbs to Addiction

Rising makeup influencer Ethan Peters, known as Ethan is Supreme online, died from a presumed overdose at age 17. His father touchingly stated he “accepted everyone for who they were.” The talented MUA had over 500k TikTok followers who loved his artistic horror-glam looks.

Ethan Peters tiktoker death

Murder and Suicide Among female TikTok stars

Heartbreakingly, violence, suicide, and murder have also claimed young TikTok stars experiencing immense distress.

Domestic Abuse Claims Brazilian Influencer’s Life

35-year-old Eliane Ferreira Siolin was shot 14 times by her abusive ex-husband in front of her 6-year-old daughter at a family BBQ. After also killing his former wife, he fatally shot himself. The horrific murder-suicide left their little girl orphaned. Siolin had amassed over 250k TikTok likes for her creative videos.

tiktok star Eliane Ferreira Siolin killed

Movie Screening Shooting Kills Budding Star

19-year-old Anthony Barajas was a beloved TikToker nearing 1 million followers. While on a date at a cinema, he and his companion Rylee Goodrich were randomly shot by a gunman. Barajas died of his wounds days later. The senseless attack devastated his friends, family, and nearly 1 million grieving supporters.

tiktoker anthony Barajas killed

Distressing Conditions Lead to TikTok Suicide

Behind joyful-seeming façades, some TikTokers battled intense personal demons. Siya Kakkar took her own life at 16 despite over a million loyal followers. Mental health struggles also claimed Dazharia Shaffer and Huey Ha – all wonderfully creative rising talents gone too soon.

Siya Kakkar tiktok star suicide

Other TikTok Tragedies That Left Fans Heartbroken

Other much-beloved TikTok stars who left bereft followers and loved ones include:

Cooper Noriega Found Unconscious in Mall Parking Lot

The 19-year-old was wildly popular due to his uplifting videos. Sadly, he succumbed to undisclosed mental health and substance abuse issues. His family confirmed “addiction problems”. Noriega’s death spotlights the intense pressures on young creators.

Cooper Noriega

Gia Pasion Mysteriously Dies Days After Upbeat Post

At 19, the bubbly TikTokker shared cooking videos with her 50k followers. Worryingly, she passed away without explanation only days after a happy Instagram post. Her stunned fans flooded her page with grief and questions about what transpired.

Gia Pasion

Gabriel Salazar Perishes in High-Speed Police Chase

The young 19-year-old TikTok died after crashing during a 100 mph police pursuit. His over 1 million TikTok followers were crushed and his risky behavior cost Salazar his life.

Gabriel Salazar

The Ripple Effects of TikTok Tragedies

When much-loved creators perish, the reactions spread far and wide. Fans come together to process collective grief and console each other online. Tragedies also ignite important conversations around pressing societal issues. Another famous TikTok star Waffler69 also died last year.

Outpourings of Grief Flood the Internet

Heartbroken followers unite by inundating TikTok comment sections, Instagram pages, and Twitter feeds with mourning messages. Candle emoji signify shared grief at extinguished young lives. Fan tributes continue appearing on deceased creators’ pages.

Spotlight on the Pressures of Influencing

Horrific losses underscore how popular social media personas carry deep scars beneath superficial perfection. Following vulnerable posts, supporters flood stars with compassion. Creators candidly discuss hindrances to Mental Health as awareness grows.

Igniting Dialogues Around Mental Health & Addiction

Mourning fans frequently lobby for reduced social media pressures and stigma around the illness. Health organizations spread awareness of free resources. Advocates even provide suicide prevention hotline information to combat self-harm rates.

While remembering lost TikTok luminaries still brings profound sadness, their lasting legacies spur positive action regarding vital well-being matters. Through awareness and reform, stars can shine safely without burning out.

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