How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth, 2024 Guide

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth in 2024? Real Value Guide

People send gifts on TikTok to their favorite creators. But the question is how much are TikTok gifts worth in real money? Generally, there are various virtual gifts available on TikTok and each one has different real money value. The most expensive TikTok gift (Universe) worth 562$ dollar and the cheapest one (rose) worth is around $0.0125.

What are TikTok Gifts?

The TikTok gifts are a gesture of love from the fan to their loved one creator. This feature allows fans to send special virtual presents to creators during Live streams or on regular videos. These cute graphics like a rose, heart, or ice cream cone pop up on the screen to surprise and delight the receiver.

Sending gifts occurs through TikTok in-app currency system and the TikTok gift prices varies accordingly. To purchase gifts, users first buy virtual coins with real cash, with 100 coins equaling $1.29. Gifts are then priced in coins ranging from 1 coin to 20,000+ coins.

TikTok gift prices

Creators can only receive gifts when broadcasting Live or once they join the TikTok Creator Next program. This program requires creators to have at least 100,000 authentic followers and meet other baseline engagement thresholds.

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth: TikTok gift prices

TikTok offers an enormous virtual gift catalog spanning cute lower-priced items to ultra-premium gifts at the highest coin amounts. Here is the TikTok gift list:

Cheapest TikTok Gifts (1-100 coins)

  • Rose – 1 coin ($0.0125)
  • GG – 1 coins ($0.0125)
  • Heart – 5 coins ($0.06)
  • Ice Cream Cone – 1 coin ($0.0125)

Mid-range TikTok Gifts (100-5,000 coins)

  • Panda – 5 coins ($0.06)
  • Musical Notes – 169 coins ($2.1)
  • Goggles – 199 coins ($2.48)
  • Corgi – 299 coins (($3.7)

Most Expensive TikTok Gifts (5,000-35,000 coins)

  • Private Jet – 4,888 coins ($61)
  • Party Boat – 19,999 coins ($250)
  • TikTok Shuttle – 20,000 coins ($250)
  • Leon and Lion – 30,000 coins ($375)
  • TikTok Universe – 44,999 coins ($562)

Although these stats are not revealed by TikTok officially, but I presented a real stats from one of our creators TikTok account. Additionally, as TikTok regularly adds and removes gifts and their values, so this list will be continuously updated to show the latest TikTok gift values.

How Do TikTok Gifts Work

  • TikTok launched gifts to let fans financially support their favorite creators
  • Gifts appear as animated graphics during Live streams or on posted videos
  • Prices start as low as 1 coin but go up to 35,000+ coins

Sending Gifts on TikTok Live vs Video Comments

  • Live gifts allow real-time interactions between the creator and the fan
  • Fans click the gift icon during Live broadcasts to purchase
  • Video gifts show support for pre-recorded videos
  • Sent through comment thread under videos

Virtual Coins and Their Real Money Value

  • TikTok coins purchased in bundles – 100 coins for $1.25 USD
  • Bulk options available for up to 10,000 coins
  • Coins are used to purchase virtual gifts for creators
  • Gifts converted by creators into cash earnings

How much are tiktok live gifts worth?

So exactly how much cash can creators convert TikTok virtual gifts into? The process involves changing gift points into TikTok diamonds first.

Diamond Currency and Conversion Rates

  • Gifts convert into diamonds, which convert into real money
  • Rate is 2 coins = 1 diamond
  • With a fee, 1 diamond = around $0.05 USD

Income Potential and Earnings Cap

  • Top creators can earn thousands per week from gifts
  • However, TikTok caps payouts at $1,000 USD per day
  • Monthly earnings into 5-figures achievable

Commission Fees

  • TikTok takes a 50% commission on every gift sent
  • If a fan sends 100 coins, the creator receives the equivalent of 50 coins

So gifts allow TikTok creators to supplement income but with limits imposed by the platform.

Eligibility Criteria for Sending and Receiving Gifts

TikTok enforces rules around who can send and receive virtual gifts. These limitations help protect younger users.

Age Restrictions

  • Must be 18+ years old to purchase coins for gifts
  • Only adult creators can join Creator Next and earn

Account Standing Requirements

  • For gift receipts, must have 100K+ followers
  • The creator account must be in good standing
  • Business accounts cannot receive gifts

Excluded Content Types

Certain videos are also excluded from earning gifts:

  • Duets and stitched videos
  • Sponsored branded content
  • Promoted posts

These restrictions allow TikTok to focus gifts on original creators rather than advertisers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Sending TikTok Gifts

Ready to send your first gift? Follow these simple steps:

Buying Coins

  • Tap profile icon > settings icon > balance
  • Select the number of coins to purchase
  • Enter payment details

Sending Gifts During Live

  • Join a creator’s Livestream
  • Tap the gift icon at the bottom
  • Choose a gift and quantity
  • Tap the “Send” button

Sending Gifts on Regular Videos

  • Tap the Comments icon
  • Tap the gift icon next to “Add comment.”
  • Select a gift from the options
  • Add a comment and tap “Send.”

It’s that easy to spread some love!

Final Thoughts

With so many wonderful TikTok creators making content, virtual gifts are a perfect way for fans to give back. I have presented detail stats and guide which is also not available at Now you understand exactly how the TikTok gifting system works, from gift values to what creators earn.


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