Popular TikTok Influencers In 2024 A Complete List With Detail

Top TikTok influencers in 2024: Explore World Famous TikToker

TikTok has become one of the hottest platforms for influencer marketing. Many TikTok creators have gained extensive popularity around the globe. Top TikTok influencers are Khaby Lame, Charli D’Amelio, Bella Poarch, Addison Rae, Loren Gray, Jason Derulo and many more.

A Quick Intro to TikTok and Influencer Marketing

TikTok influencers leverage the platform’s viral potential to build huge audiences with their comedic skits, dances, lip syncs, and more.

As these creators gain more followers, they become digital influencers able to promote brands and products to their captive audience. A sponsored TikTok post by someone with millions of engaged followers can drive massive awareness and sales.

List of Top TikTok Influencers

Now let’s explore this new generation of internet celebrities and the top TikTok influencers you need to follow.

Most Followed TikTok Accounts

#1: Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame)

Khaby Lame (@khaby.lame) is on top in the list of the most famous TikTokers. He has highest followers on tiktok with 161.5 million followers. Originally from Senegal before moving to Italy, Khaby found fame by posting funny reaction videos parodying convoluted “life hack” clips.

Without saying a word, he expresses universal confusion and skepticism using comical facial expressions and gestures. He is undoubtedly the biggest TikTok star now.

Top TikTok Influencers

Khaby’s hilarious video reactions struck a chord worldwide, fueled by the global accessibility of his visual humor. Relying simply on his charisma and comedic timing, he subverted complicated tutorials to highlight simpler solutions. This unique style earned Khaby breakout recognition, including accolades like the 2022 Fortune 40 Under 40 and Forbes 30 Under 30 lists.

#2: Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio)

The undisputed queen of TikTok, Charli D’Amelio is the most followed creator on the platform. This talented dancer from Connecticut has over 151.7 million followers captivated by her choreographed routines and lip sync videos.

female TikTok stars

Despite starting her account less than 2 years ago, Charli has transformed into a mainstream celebrity. She was the first TikTok user to hit 100 million followers, won Teen Choice Awards, appeared on talk shows, and fronted campaigns for brands like Hollister and Invisalign.

With one of the most engaged audiences on TikTok, Charli offers brands huge potential reach, especially in the lifestyle and fashion verticals.

#3: Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch)

From her humble beginnings making facial expressions in the navy to lip syncing pop songs in her bedroom, Bella Poarch has entered the realm of TikTok royalty.

famous TikTok stars

This Filipina-American influencer went viral in 2020 with a head bobbing video that became TikTok’s most liked post ever. She has since leveraged her online fame into a thriving music career.

Thanks to her authentic personality and fierce style, Bella’s account grew exponentially to 93.8 million loyal followers. Brands value working with her to access Gen Z audiences.

#4: Addison Rae (@addisonre)

Initially blowing up on TikTok dancing with her friends, Addison Rae is now a multi-hyphenate star boasting 88.6 million followers. She has since diversified into modeling, acting, podcasting, and singing.

famous TikTok females

Addison made headlines starring in Netflix’s “He’s All That” remake. She also graces fashion magazine covers and influencer lists by Forbes.

Given her incredible reach and cross-platform presence, top brands kill for collaborations with this Gen Z icon.

Top Male TikTok Creators

#5: Zach King (@zachking)

Bringing wizardry to the For You Page, Zach King wows audiences with his eye-popping illusions and editing magic. This digital magician morphs reality through clever video effects and sleight of hand trickery.

Zach King famous male tiktoker

With 80.9 million dedicated followers, brands value Zach’s unique niche of uplifting content that spreads joy. He has created viral campaigns for Chips Ahoy, LG, and Walmart. The sky’s the limit for his branded magic!

#6: Spencer X (@spencerx)

Beatboxing prodigy Spencer X first went viral making music through mouth sounds alone. He has since amassed 55 million followers who love his mindblowing musical skills.

Spencer X cutest tiktokers

Spencer frequently collaborates with brands doing custom beatboxing tracks. He also launched a talent competition series sponsored by Wix. His positive energy makes him a prime TikTok influencer for youth audiences.

#7: Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)

A multi-platinum recording artist before TikTok existed, Jason Derulo has amazingly almost 58 million followers who can’t get enough of his song and dance.

Jason Derulo famous tiktok guys

Jason stands out creating comedic sketches and choreographed performances sometimes featuring influencer cameos. As one of music’s most versatile hitmakers, he provides unmatched value for relevant brands.

Top Female TikTok Stars

#8: Loren Gray (@lorengray)

Pennsylvania’s Loren Gray holds the distinction of being TikTok’s most followed user starting in 2019 until she was dethroned in 2020. However, her legion of over 54 million loyal supporters still tune in daily for her lip sync serenades.

Loren Gray female tiktok stars

Transitioning from social media stardom to a bonafide pop artist, Loren proves hard work pays off. She hopes to inspire others to find confidence and use their voice for good. Brands seeking a positive role model find an ideal ambassador in Loren.

#9: Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio)

Proving stardom runs in the family, Dixie D’Amelio has stepped out of her sister Charli’s shadow. While also blowing up on TikTok dancing, Dixie has pivoted into a music career as the D’Amelio household’s resident singer.

Dixie D’Amelio

With 57 million followers of her own, this 20-something stands poised to become a breakout star in her own right. Dixie’s TikTok brand deals span makeup, fashion, nutrition supplements and telecom giants.

#10: Avani (@avani)

She is among the most famous TikTok girls with neon hair and aqua eyes, 18-year-old Avani Gregg won over Gen Z audiences with her bold style and confident attitude.


Avani shares makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, life updates and more with 42.7 million passionate supporters. She also starred in YouTube’s web series Chicken Girls.

Thanks to her vibrant personal brand, Avani works frequently works with beauty and apparel companies seeking to engage young shoppers.

Popular TikTok Couples

#11: Charli and Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio, @charlidamelio)

As siblings with a combined 200+ million TikTok followers, the D’Amelio sisters have incredible influence partnering up for sponsored content. Their lighthearted sisterly bonding provides a joyful escape fans can’t get enough of.

The famous duo has promoted major brands like Hollister and Morphe together. They also launched a joint merchandise line to commemorate their unbreakable bond.

#12: Addison Rae & Bryce Hall (@addisonre/@brycehall)

This on-again-off-again Gen Z power couple each boast major individual followings, with a combined Instagram audience exceeding 100 million.

When united, they create an intoxicating mix of drama, young love and comedic relief. During their reconciliation in late 2021, the duo posted several coupled-up TikToks showcasing their fiery chemistry.

Brands like Spotify have sponsored Addison and Bryce to help launch viral song campaigns targeting engaged youth audiences.

#13: Zoe LaVerne & Dawson Day (@zoelaverne/@dawsonday_)

Controversial TikTok personality Zoe LaVerne made headlines in 2020 facing inappropriate relationship accusations with a minor. However, the 19-year-old influencer bounced back and her audience actually grew after the scandal.

Zoe LaVerne

She rebounded with new boyfriend and fellow TikToker Dawson Day. The young parents-to-be now gush about their growing family. Love them or hate them, their tabloid relationship keeps audiences talking.

Popular TikTok Families

#14: The LaBrant Family (@thesupercole)

Comprised of husband and wife duo Cole and Savannah LaBrant alongside their adorable children, The LaBrant Family charms audiences documenting their picture-perfect daily adventures.

Centered around wholesomeness, faith and family fun, they epitomize the all-American lifestyle. With 22.5 million TikTok followers and counting, the LaBrants partner with major brands highlighting food, travel and parenting.

#15: The Lopez Brothers (@lopezbrothers)

These dancing siblings from small-town Wisconsin bring double the laughs with their choreographed TikTok sketches. When not poking fun at each other, Tony and Ondreaz Lopez bust out impressive breakdance moves in sync.

The Lopez Brothers biggest tiktok star

Boasting a combined 50 million TikTok followers plus massive Instagram audiences, the Lopez brothers work frequently together for sponsored posts and campaigns. Their lighthearted bromance wins over audiences craving positivity.

#16: Stokes Twins (@stokestwins)

Identical twins Alan and Alex Stokes carry over their outrageous prank war from Vine to TikTok, pulling hijinks on their friends, family and one another. Their Pickleball battles and dance challenges also go viral.

Stokes Twins

With 30.9 million mesmerized followers, the Stokes twins partner with major brands like Bang Energy and CashApp. Bringing twice the star power and laughs, the duo dominates TikTok’s comedy niche.

Trending TikTok Hashtag Challenges

Beyond individual creators, TikTok also gives birth to viral hashtag challenges where users replicate some dance or stunt. For example, Charli D’Amelio’s Renegade sparked a viral craze with celebs like Lizzo even joining in.

TikTok’s effect feature also allows adding interactive graphic effects into videos. Zach King’s Follow Me Green Screen series has users inserting themselves into his illusions.

Influencer Marketing Opportunities on TikTok

Partnering with the right influencer provides brands access to highly engaged communities passionate about supporting creators they identify with. With influencer partnerships now surpassing $20,000 per post for top creators, TikTok presents lucrative opportunities for those who understand this new digital landscape.

The Biggest Stars on TikTok’s Horizon

In summary, these top standouts most famous TikTokers in 2024. However, new viral stars emerge daily with potential for large-scale success. The TikTok landscape moves fast, but for those able to win over the fickle For You Page, long-term influencer fame awaits.


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